5 Things You Should Know About Web-Based SDS Systems

5 Things You Should Know About Web-Based SDS Systems

Did you know that over 2 million people died from chemical exposure in 2019?

Any business that deals with hazardous chemicals has a responsibility to keep track of them. SDS systems allow us to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Safety data sheets were traditionally kept in binders.

However, this method is inefficient and can be difficult to manage. This is where online SDS systems come in. Thanks to online platforms and cloud technology, you can enjoy a more efficient system while staying OSHA-compliant.

This change can be a massive transition for some businesses, but trust us it’s worth it. Read on to learn more about using web-based SDS systems.

1. Online SDS Systems Can Save Time

Any business owner will tell you that time is a valuable resource. Safety professionals have a ton of tedious tasks related to compliance, and creating safety data sheets is only a small part of that. Sorting binders can take hours – time that could be better spent on other responsibilities.

Employees will also struggle whenever they have to return to the office to look at a binder. This can result in decreased productivity and headache-inducing backlogs.

Web-based SDS systems can help save time for you and your employees. Instead of flipping through binders, you can get the information with a quick search.

Large companies also deal with large volumes of chemicals daily, ranging from hundreds to thousands. An online system is much easier to update and manage.

Some web-based SDS systems also support local languages. This is useful for international businesses that deal with markets all around the world. You don’t have to worry about miscommunication.

It also means that employees can have mobile access to crucial information. This can be a huge benefit for field workers and remote teams who don’t have access to in-house resources.

Automatic Updates

Certain web-based SDS services also offer automatic updates. Updating new versions of safety data sheets can be time and labor-intensive. You will need to compare new data with the old ones, print them, then distribute the information to customers and employees.

Our online SDS system takes this burden off your back. You can forward the new SDS to us, and we’ll check it for you.

2. Promote Sustainability

Imagine how much paper you need to keep up with your safety data sheets. Switching to online systems means you never have to deal with paperwork again. However, that’s not the only good thing about online systems.

US offices consume over 12.1 trillion sheets of paper every year. We use over 535 million trees and 12 million gallons of oil to accommodate our paper needs. With online SDS systems, you can make your business practice more sustainable.

Most of the chemicals we deal with are harmless. Only a few hazardous chemicals are actually regulated to circulate in businesses. Online SDS systems can help you keep those dangerous chemicals out of the supply chain.

Thanks to the ease of tracking, you can search for products based on their ingredients. You can also send alerts if you have an unauthorized chemical trying to enter your supply chain.

Aside from helping the environment, online systems can make data management more secure. Paper trails are prone to all sorts of damage. What happens if the binders get damaged by water, fire, or human error?

You will need to go through the entire process of sorting and printing the data again for the people who need them. With our online SDS system, there’s no better time to join the age of automation. You can break the paper trail and encourage more sustainable practices between you and your employees and customers.

3. Increased Efficiency

All businesses should strive for efficiency, but even more so when it concerns the safety of others. With an efficient SDS system, you can get things right the first time and make life easier for everyone involved.

Online systems provide accessible information with real-time updates.
It also promotes transparency and productivity because it reduces redundancies.

Using an online system can also streamline other compliance processes. With the right online system, your SDS can serve far greater purposes than OSHA compliance.

It can also become a business intelligence system for chemical management. You can track chemicals and how much you have across different facilities. You can also use it to cross-reference regulatory lists and get real-time updates on its lifecycle.


A web-based SDS system can offer more accessibility than paper trails. Customers and employees alike can access crucial information from anywhere at any time. This is revolutionary for businesses with multiple facilities and hundreds of employees.

You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can ensure that everyone gets access to the right data. Thanks to this, you can also improve coordination between different teams.

Better Collaboration

Collaborating with stakeholders is easier with an online SDS system. Anyone with approved access can contribute to edits and updates. It also opens doors to greater improvement, as anyone can provide feedback to improve the system further.

This enables you to create a platform for clear communication. Some online systems also offer access controls for more secure collaboration. This feature allows you to approve access only to authorized personnel so you can safeguard sensitive data.

You can keep track of the people who viewed the document. This allows you to make informed decisions about any changes needed in the system to avoid fatal errors.

Improve Customer Service

Web-based SDS systems make it much easier to communicate with customers. Traditional safety data sheets are not usually immediately available to salespeople. It’s a long process to contact the facility and wait to have the SDS faxed.

With web-based SDS systems, your customers can get the data they need in seconds. This can strengthen your relationship with customers. It also gives you an edge against your competitors because you can deliver faster and better customer service.

4. Reduce Risks

An efficient online SDS system can help you build a culture of safety. You can use your data as a central solution for those who need it. An online system doesn’t only make it easier to find and list chemicals.

Employees can use this to identify problems, which can help in safety meetings and incident reports. Your employees will also be happier knowing you have a clear investment in their safety. Online platforms allow you to create a more robust system to mitigate risks.

If a chemical incident does occur in the facility, you can refer to your SDS system. This makes it easier to identify problems and find the best solution.

Safety data sheets don’t only provide information about a chemical. It also includes information on how to handle and use that chemical safely.

OSHA Compliance

Non-compliance with OSHA regulations can result in expensive fines. It can also damage your business’s reputation and harm future endeavors. Even if regulated, the consequences of mishandling chemicals can be devastating.

That is why OSHA takes MSDS maintenance seriously. Tracking chemicals with a safety data sheet is the line of defense businesses have against chemical incidents.

OSHA inspections often happen without prior notice. You don’t want to get caught off-guard and fail to produce the necessary documents. If OSHA sees that your SDSs are not readily available, it will result in a hefty fine of more than $12,000.

Online data sheets are much easier to retrieve. In addition, they will be more accurate, proving that the documents are not only accessible but also precise.

5. Save Money

Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, eliminating the paper trail can save money. Consuming vast amounts of paper for printing and distribution can add up quickly. Paper documents can take up a lot of space.

If you choose to stick to traditional SDS systems, you may need to pay premiums for storage. With web-based SDS systems, you can enjoy everything online. In addition, switching to an online platform reduces the time and effort needed to maintain SDSs.

Think about how much you pay skilled workers to do something you can automate. Letting high-value employees work on menial tasks is a huge waste. When you digitize your SDSs, you enable your employees to put their education and experience to better use.

Saving money is a direct side-effect of a safe workplace. Workers’ comp claims can cripple businesses, depending on their size. A conducive working environment means that you are less likely to deal with work-related incidents.

Transition to an Online SDS System Today

Online SDS systems can streamline maintenance and keep you compliant. Automating the process also leads to better opportunities for business growth. With an online platform, you can communicate and collaborate with ease and work on growing your company.

All you need is a WiFi-connected device to get started, so what are you waiting for? Our web-based solutions can help you improve efficiency and workplace safety. Schedule a demo today to learn more about our services.