Q: Are there any startup costs?
A: There are no startup costs, you send us your paper binders and we take care of the rest.

Q: Every other company charges startup fees to get started, what is the catch?
A: We require a two year contract, but so do many of our competitors.

Q: What is included with your service?
A: Upgrades, enhancements, telephone support during business hours, indexing of your paper MSDSs, access to our large MSDS Warehouse, unlimited users, unlimited workstations, and unlimited locations.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?
A: With our typical service there are no hidden fees.  If you require major customization then there would be a charge for this, but we do not hide it.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Please contact us and we would be glad to discuss our simple low cost pricing with you.

Q: What is your pricing structure?
A: We price our services based on the number of MSDSs that you need to manage for your organization.  This is the most straight forward way we can think of to fairly charge everyone.

Q: If pricing is based on MSDSs, what if we want to remove some?
A: Two issues:

  1. OSHA requires 30 year retention, so once they are there it needs to stay for thirty years after removal from your operations.
  2. We have all of the labor invested from the beginning to index everything so for the initial two years we can not remove them, after that though there is a highly reduced fee to maintain it as an inactive record to meet OSHA requirements

Q: What if after the initial signup we need to add additional MSDS.
A: Simply send us the MSDS and we will index it and add it on to your next bill.


Q: How much training is involved?
A: Our main goal has always been to make the system as user friendly as possible.  The system really does not require any training as it is self explanatory in the function.  There is some training for the administration side, but that is provided at no cost and is easy to learn.  On site training is available at an additional cost.  We can also provide a train-the-trainer session through the Internet.