Hazmat Inventory

Hazmat Steve

Put in the raw information Online-MSDS™ / KHA HazMat Software will do the math.

With Online-SDS™ / KHA HazMat, you can record your HazMat Inventory in the units of measure that are most appropriate for your users. The system automatically calculates and converts Tanks, Containers, Drums, etc into pounds for you using standard measures conversion tables, specific gravity. Pounds are automatically computed for each transaction for each ingredient. Each compound is then combined and calculated as site totals.

Multiple Site Inventory

Online-SDS™ / KHA HazMat can be used to serve multiple sites. This makes it easy to define standard products, units of measures, and processes that apply to all sites. Each site is able to record, and report on their individual inventory. You may report and inquire on one or more specific site or in total.

Dynamic Inventory or Static Inventory

Online-SDS™ / KHA HazMat functions as either a static or dynamic inventory. In a static inventory, periodic physical inventory counts are taken and recorded. With a dynamic inventory, every individual transaction is recorded.

Form R, Tier I & II, California Title 19, Emissions

These reports are easily prepared from the data Online-SDS™ / KHA HazMat provides.

Regulatory Data for chemicals

KHA provides updates of more than 150,000 chemicals. Each of these chemicals contains CAS #s, synonyms and the regulatory data specific to each (TPQ, Reportable Quantities, RCRA, TLV, Sara313, and much more). We compile this data from the various government agencies and provide it to you on a regular basis. This data serves as the basis for tagging SDSs for its reportability.

Process Formulation

By entering a single transaction such as 234 units painted in a particular paint booth, Online-SDS™ / KHA HazMat will automatically generate resulting transactions for Form R & Emissions. (i.e. the pounds of xylene, touline, etc. that are processed, and lost to emissions according to your process formulas).

More Modules Available

Requires Online-SDS™ management system & KHA HazMat service. Also, Label printing and Bar Code inventory collection available.