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MSDS Bloodhound Service

You have better things to do than try to locate Safety Data Sheets

There are times you do not have, or cannot locate current SDS for specific materials. The process of locating one involves either searching the manufacturers web site or contacting the manufacturer via phone, fax, email or letter. The process also requires relentless follow up. This process can be time consuming for you. Fortunately, KHA will do this for you with our Online-SDS™ / Bloodhound Service.

There is nothing that we do better than locate SDS


KHA has been in the SDS Services business since 1985. During that time we have acquired the experience, resources, management procedures and infrastructure for performing this task.


Provide us with a list of safety data sheets, (or simply fax or mail the MSDSs you want updates for) and KHA will immediately initiate SDS retrievals.


Our initial effort will be to locate SDS directly from the manufacturer’s website or by contacting the manufacturer and requesting electronic versions of the SDS. Electronic versions have never been scanned, printed or faxed and thus the quality is the best available. In any case, we will deliver the best quality possible.


Our professional staff is experienced in locating SDS from a variety of sources other than the manufacturer. We have several secondary sources that we can go to if a manufacturer is not available. It is our experience that many manufacturers are no longer around, and locating updated SDS from 1985 may require secondary sources or researching as to whether another company is now carrying the product.


We may find SDS either in PDF, HTML, MS Word or a variety of other formats. KHA delivers a consistent product. That is we will deliver all SDS in the same format (electronic PDF) unless you specify otherwise.

SDS Warehouse

This service provides you with the ability to search on our large SDS database through an internet browser. Instead of searching the Internet for Manufacturers' SDS, we provide a single source to search for SDS from many manufacturers at a time.