How Often Should You Update Your SDS Management System?

How Often Should You Update Your SDS Management System?

As of 2021, there are 577,211 manufacturing businesses across America. If this describes your business, it is likely that there are hazardous chemicals used on your premises. A sound and well-managed Safety Data Sheet system are not only a safety measure in these instances but a legal requirement for your facility.

Exporting your SDSs is a great way to ensure that you meet these requirements without needing to worry about performing updates on your own. However, you will still need to know when to inquire about updates. Read on to learn how often you need to update your SDS management system and ensure that your sheets don’t expire.

OSHA Update Requirements for Manufacturers and Suppliers

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard also requires both manufacturers and importers to develop SDSs for every hazardous chemical produced or imported. This must be done at the first shipment of the chemicals entering the facility since the next shipment will require all sheets to have previously been updated.

Even if there are no new imports coming along, they must be updated within 3 months. The labels on the chemicals must be updated fully within 6 months.

Suppliers need to develop the safety data sheet at this time to take note of the hazard classification. The supplier must update it every time they gain significant information on a hazard that the chemical may carry. These updates must also include ways that people handling and interacting with the material can protect themselves from the hazard.

What Constitutes “Significant Information”?

Unfortunately, OSHA does not define what ‘significant information’ about a hazard is. However, the following are assumed to fall under this classification:

  • New hazards/chemicals entering onto the premises
  • Change of classification about a chemical
  • New risk management measures
  • Higher or altered occupational exposure limits

When Do End Users Need to Update Safety Data Sheets?

End users do not need to update the SDS on their own. This is the job of the manufacturer.  These users are simply responsible to keep the latest version of SDS documents.

It also is essential that it’s accessible to all employees so they’re aware of the safety hazards and requirements on the job. If you are one of these users, you need to ask the manufacturer or supplier to give you the SDSs that you require- they’re legally obligated to provide them to you. However, it is the end user’s responsibility to obtain them.

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