The Benefits of Using SDS Software at Your Company

The Benefits of Using SDS Software at Your Company

Here are some of the benefits of using SDS Software

The maximum OSHA fine for not ensuring environmental health and safety (EHS) workers have ready access to safety data sheets (SDSs) has gone up. Now, a serious violation will cost your company $12,471 instead of the previous fine of $7,000. 

What’s considered a serious violation? Failing to have SDSs, provide them at the time of shipment or upon an auditor’s request, allow workers ready access to SDSs, or include an emergency back up for SDS software data could invite an OSHA fine.

The good news is that abiding by OSHA requirements is simple with SDS software. SDS software helps EHS managers and their workers stay OSHA compliant while also harnessing a whole host of incredible benefits. 

Are you searching for a way to better meet OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard regarding SDSs? Then you better keep reading to learn about the benefits of SDS software. 

SDS Software Can Save You Time and Money

As an EHS manager, you know time is money. SDS software can save you both. 

With SDS software, you can rest assured knowing all of your data sheets are up to date. This will save you hours of manual data entry— time you could put to better use elsewhere. 

You don’t have to worry about hard copies running away from your desk, either. SDS software stores a digital version of all of your most valuable safety information. No more shuffling through thick binders; SDS software makes locating sheets effortless.

Of course, all this time you’ll save will translate to money. When you don’t have to waste time with physical SDSs, you can use your managerial skills for those high-level tasks your company hired you for. Your skills are too valuable to be wasted on tasks that could easily be automated.

Better Meet OSHA Requirements

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard requires that any manufacturer, distributor, or importer of chemicals provide access to SDSs for all workers.

That means that for every new chemical you work with (or the same chemical from new manufacturers), you have to provide access to the SDS. It also means that you have to update SDSs when:

  • The chemical has undergone a significant change
  • New research on the chemical has turned out significant information about new hazards or ways to protect against hazards

SDS software completely streamlines both of these requirements. All new or updated SDSs are automatically indexed in your software’s database for easy retrieval.

Keep in mind that OSHA does require you to train employees on the software and ensure the database is properly backed up for emergency situations.  

SDS Software Makes Processes More Efficient

Do you know how inefficient physical SDS binders are for your workplace? The more workers you have, the more binders you need in different locations around your job site. That means you have to visit every binder each time you need to make updates.

What’s more, your employees will have to remember the location of these binders. Wouldn’t it be easier on them and on you if SDSs were accessible from one convenient and scalable location?

That’s the idea behind SDS software. All safety and hazard communications are stored in a single database. You and your employees can access it anytime from anywhere, as long as you have internet connection.

When your SDS sheets are all in one place, processes will run more efficiently. That’s good news for worker morale and the business overall. 

Protect Workers and Business Investments

The health and safety of your employees is no joke. Neither is risking damage to or loss of valuable equipment and other business investments. Luckily, using SDS software can help in both of these areas.

SDS software ensures that all sheets are up to date with the latest industry information. The ease with which your employees can access SDSs will help prevent hazards. Your employees will have their SDSs on hand at all times, reducing the time it takes to respond to emergencies.

SDS Software is Sustainable

You work in the EHS industry, which means you care about your impact on the world around you. SDS software is perfect for making your workplace more sustainable.

Storing SDSs digitally instead of physically means millions of sheets of paper saved every year. You’ll also save money on ink and electricity without needing to print copies every time you receive an updated SDS. 

Provide Employees with Ready Access

OSHA’s “ready access” requirement says that EHS facilities must provide readily available SDSs to all workers. Also, workers must have access to all-important SDSs without barriers.

What does OSHA mean when it says barriers? OSHA considers anything that might prevent or discourage a worker from seeking out a chemical’s safety information a barrier to ready access. 

For example, if your workers have to ask a manager or unlock a cabinet to get the SDS folder, both of these are barriers to ready access.

Because SDS software makes sheets available to workers whenever and wherever they are, it can help improve ready access compliance. Again, keep in mind that failing to train employees on the SDS software may also be a violation against the ready access requirement. 

Manage Your Safety Data Sheets with SDS Software 

OSHA approves of using software databases for storage, retrieval, and updating of all your SDSs. We may be biased, but we think you would approve, too. Especially considering the money and time you’ll save using SDS software instead of physical records. 

So, are you ready to upgrade to an SDS software that can offer you all of these benefits and more? Then you’ve got to check out KHA’s Online-SDS product, perfect for EHS businesses like yours.