Could the proposed I2P2 be stopped?

With the start of a new year brought a new team of leader to the US House of Representatives, which will be working on unveiling proposals to reduce costs, as well as look at recent rules and current proposals from the EPA and OSHA.

US Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calf. who is the new chairman of the Hose Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent a letter recently to over 150 trade associations to identify specific ‘burdensome’ regulations.  The responses that are received will be compiled together and presented to the House Committee staff.

Under the guidelines of the proposed I2P2, the biggest concern is the effect to already struggling businesses and creating an added cost and burden to comply with such standards.  In the white paper that the AIHA submitted to OSHA, they outlined that there could be a struggle for small business owners to meet these standards, but would ask that there would be resources available to meet their needs to implement such standards.

Another concern is cost.  In today’s economy many businesses are still struggling to keep their doors opened and employees working.  By implementing the I2P2, there are some that feel that this would come with an added cost to train workers as well as keeping records which would result in the loss of jobs as businesses would have to reorganize their expenses and make cuts at the employee level to meet such standards.

In the coming weeks we will see how this plays out in Washington with the various groups involved for either recommending the I2P2 or wanting to stop the I2P2 from becoming a new rule.