Why the AIHA is recommending the I2P2

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) recently released a white paper concerning OSHA’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) and expressing their support for the I2P2 standard.  Outlined below is a brief overview of recommendations that the AIHA would like to see written into the policy.  To read the full AIHA report, click here

Scope and Application:
Such standard should not exempt small employers or workplace based on the number of employees, or based on the injury/illness incident rates.   The I2PS documentation should be clear and precise with only having needed and essential activities documented.

Covered Hazards:
The I2P2 should address all hazards covered by OSHA standards. This should also focus on proactive identification and control of workplace hazards and risks.  Along wit this, implementing a regular physical inspection of the workplace along with a review of relevant policies, procedures, and organizational practices.

Relationship to Existing OSHA Requirements:
The I2P2 standard should complement and support existing OSHA standards, requirements, and guidelines.

Organization and Regulatory Text:
The I2P2 standard should by written in clear and concise language that outlines basic requirements in a way that employers can understand, as there are many employers who do not employ EHS personal and therefor need to understand such information in a concise meaning.

Economical Impacts:

According to case study information, moving to such standard would be cost-effective move for all who would be involved.  By implementing such standards, this could help improve productivity and quality which would lower costs for businesses.

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