How Your Pet Can Help with the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

The past few days everyone has been paying close attention to the oil spill going on off the coast of Louisiana. There have been crews hard at work trying to find a solution to the problem, as well as crews combing the beaches to protect delicate environment.

As you have been watching the various updates, did you know that there is something that you can do to help and it involves your pets?

An organization named ‘Matter of Trust‘  has been working at collecting animal fur across the country to use to mop up the oil on the beaches that have been effected by the oil spill.  You may be asking yourself how can animal fur clean oil spills.  Animal fur such as cats and dogs, is very coarse, and at the end of each strand of hair is a hair follicle which is designed to hold oil. The group at Matter of Trust’ takes the donated animal fur and makes them into mats which are used to mop up the oil on the beaches.  These mats can be used repeatedly in many uses, and once used then they are recycled in composting for outside use.   The group also makes what are called ‘booms’ which are nylon stockings full of hair that is tied together and then placed in the water to collect the oil.

If you would like to get involved to donate your unwanted pet fur contact Matter of Trust via their website at