OSHA is moving into Las Vegas

It was just recently announced that Las Vegas will be getting a new tenant in town, OSHA.  Currently there is no regional office in Nevada, only a state and federal officials of OSHA have overseen the area.

The city right now is struggling in the weak economy and they have also been criticized on the poor safety enforcement on projects in town in the past few years. Just last year the local newspaper, The Las Vegas Sun looked at the fatalities  and poor safety environment on large construction jobs that were going on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

With the new regional office moving in, OSHA plans on raising awareness to such safety issues and to better enforce such violations made by companies.  They will also be introducing the Ensuring Worker Safety Act, which seeks to ensure state plans are at least as effective as federal enforcement while giving OSHA options other than withdrawing approval when it finds a state plan is performing poorly.