Happy Earth Day

If you didn’t know already today is Earth Day and to make the day even more special this is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

Over the past 40 years the public’s view on how we treat the environment has changed tremendously.  There have been many standards and laws put into place by local, state, and national government officials.  We have seen the EPA set restrictions to enforce Clean Air, creating standards to treat polluted rivers, and an awareness to create and maintain cleaner communities.

40 years later, we have seen new improvements on how we can cut down on on electricity and water and become more ‘green’ citizens. Advancements have lead us to create renewable energy standards and set new standards for emissions.

Today to mark Earth Day go out and do something for Mother Nature and take a moment to reflect upon where we have come in the last 4 decades and where we can go in the future.