How to Deal with Hazards in Natural Weather Disasters

For those living on the East Coast, particularly in Rhode Island you have seen the first hand devastation that have been caused by the flooding in the area. Once the floodwater’s have reside the clean up process will start and OSHA has issued information to businesses and the general public on how you should handle such clean up especially when the clean up may involve dealing with chemical hazards.

First of all safety should be taken into consideration with the clean up process.  Make sure that if you are working on clean up that you are using the correct personal protection (gloves, goggles, etc.) when working with chemicals.  Make sure that all chemicals and equipment are properly stored and disposed of according to guidelines.

If the cleanup that you are working on involves restoring power/electricity, removal of debris, structural repair make sure you take action on the proper handling of equipment.  With working on structural repair you may come into contact with contaminated water and you want to make sure that all the debris are cleared away so that you are not exposing yourself or others to illnesses.