Larger Hazmat Shippers to Pay Higher Registration Fee

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) plans to triple the registration cost for all hazmat transporters except small or non-profit businesses.  The current registration has been $975 plus a $25 processing fee which has been in place since 2006.  With the new proposal the cost will go to $2,975 plus the $25 processing fee.

The money that is collected will be used to fund grant programs.  Across the United States there are over 2 million responders who require initial training or periodic re-certification training for dealing with emergencies involving the release of hazardous materials.  Such first responders are firefighters, law enforcement, and medical service providers.  Due to high turn over rates, it is essential to provide adequate training on the most basic level to these first responders.  Additionally, more in depth training is required for more skilled workers in these areas to deal with more complex situations that may arise with working in such a scene.

An estimated 800,000 hazmat shipments are on the move daily in the United States.  Since 1993, PHMSA has awarded $203 million in planning and training grants that have trained hazmat responders across the US.