Educating children about Hearing Safety

Let’s face it, today’s children are exposed to a wide variety of technology.  From cell phones, to I-Pods/MP3 Players, computers, and everything in between today’s youth may be more tech savvy than the generation before them.  As parents have you stopped to wonder how some of these everyday pieces of technology may effect your child’s hearing health?

The public health campaign titled Dangerous Decibels aims to reduce the inceidence and prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss in school age children.  This group will be presenting a 2 day workshop in Orlando, FL on February 28 to March 1 which is designed to educate teachers about how best to change the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of their students toward exposure to loud sounds and the use of hearing protection strategies.  The program content is easily integrated into K-12 math and science curriculum and at the workshop participants are provided with information and materials to take back with them to use in their own classroom.

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