OSHA Stepping up with Violations

As we have discussed on our blog earlier the Obama Administration has made some changes with how OSHA is operating.  Just recently President Obama appointed Dr. Davie Michaels to lead OSHA, and along with that OSHA was able to get an increase in their budget to allow the hiring of more inspectors to go out and check various companies across the United States.

Those new inspectors have already begun their increased inspections.  OSHA is proposing 41 safety and health violations against Birdsong Corp.’s facilities in Georgia.  Inspection of the plant began back in June 2009 which lead compliance officers finding 21 serious safety violations.

Some of those violations included

  • Lack of machine guards
  • Fall hazards
  • Electrical hazards
  • Lack of emergency lighting
  • Unmarked exit doors

If you happen to be on the safety/health management team of your company, now may be the time to take a few minutes to review your companies procedures.