The dangers of using Multiple Chemicals

Here in the US there has been discussion regarding the physical harmful side effects of exposure to multiple chemicals.  Employers who have spent their working careers exposed to these elements are paying the price by having multiple health related issues.  Just recently the European Union’s 27 environment ministers have addressed the concern  that action is needed to protect human health from exposure to multiple chemicals. In Europe there has been concern amongst various officials as to how to handle the concerns that arise when working in a chemical environment.  Many of the chemicals that are used in the work environment are deemed safe but the real concern comes when you mix multiple safe chemicals to create this dangerous concoction that is referred to as a ‘chemical-cocktail’.  Further issues arise regarding how to label these chemical-cocktail creations with the proper safety data sheet as well as understanding the potential risks to exposure both short term and long term to employers.  As for right now there is no clear outline on how to handle the multiple chemical interactions, and there are reports that comprehensive action on this issue is still probably two years away.