Surviving ‘Black Friday’

The biggest shopping day is amongst us yet again.  If you are one of the brave people who survived the post Thanksgiving feast and are fearless to venture out then here are a few ways to keep your self safe on this big shopping day.

  • Dress Appropriately – This is the biggest shopping day of the year, so you want to make sure you are dressed for the occasion.  Wearing comfortable shoes, preferably tennis shoes that tie up will keep your feet protected while in the stores.  Be sure to dress in layers as well; while standing outside it may be cold where you are at and you want to keep yourself warm.  Once entering the store it will probably be a balmy 72 degrees and you will be ready to hit the stores.
  • Space Yourself – In order to get those great deals, you will most likely have to stand in some long lines.  Now we all remember what happened last year on Black Friday with the Wal-Mart employee being trampled to death which could have prevented.  So remember to give your self some space between everyone who is waiting in line with you.  If there is a person who is being persistent in pushing others around make sure the stores security personal are informed.
  • Leave the hot beverages behind – In order to keep the momentum going in the early hours, every great shopper needs to have a cup of coffee or other hot beverage in hand to keep awake.  That hot beverage could lead to some serious consequences though.  Waiting in that long line out side the big box store and someone from behind pushed you and down you go, coffee and all over the person in front of you.  It would be best to consume your hot beverage in the car or take a break and have a seat in the coffee shop to enjoy the cup of coffee.
  • Watch out for the runaway cart – As you make it thru that long line, the next task will be to mangle your way to get a shopping cart to fill with your purchases.  Just remember those shopping carts can turn into a lethal instrument in the store.  Make sure to watch out for those who literally blaze a trail down the aisle and have no remorse for those patrons who stand in their way.  Also be on the look out for those shoppers who over stuff their cart and can’t see around the large box they crammed into the cart and who may run your over.
  • Falling Prices and Falling Shelves – You have made your way to the back of the store for the golden deal of the morning and come to find out the store has 2 of the items left and there are five of you eyeing the shelf they stand on; what do you do?  I have seen first hand people push and shove others out of the way and climb on the shelves to make a mad grab for the item they are after, only to their surprise have the shelf fall and injure themselves. Let’s try to remember to keep our self and those around us safe in this type of situation.

Safe shopping everyone!

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