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Privacy Policy

  1. Some Definitions
    The terms "we," "us," "KHA" and "Company" refer to Kelleher, Helmrich & Associates d/b/a KHA Online-MSDS, a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Indiana, or any successor or assignee of the Company. We are in the business of providing an online platform that our customers may use to manage and distribute material safety data sheets (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheets (SDS), manage chemical inventories, and track emissions. The term "Online-MSDS" refers either to the business or the online platform as the context requires. The term "Services" refers to the services offered by KHA Online-MSDS. The term "Client" refers to an individual or entity who or which is registered with us to use the Services. The term "you" refers to any Client (or other party whose contact information has been provided to us over the internet) who is reading this Privacy Policy, or on behalf of whom this policy is being read. The term "Website" refers to the website with the URL http://www.online-msds.com or www.ghskit.com. The term "Personal Information" means information about an individual who is a Client and includes any "Supplemental Personal Information."
  2. Categories of Information We Collect
    1. Information You Provide to Us : When you register to use KHA Online-MSDS on a free or other basis, communicate with customer service, or send us an email, you provide us with information that we collect. Such information may include your IP address, name, physical address, email address, phone number, cell phone number, and other information such as gender, occupation and other demographic information. By providing us with this information, you consent to your information being collected, used, disclosed and stored by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
    2. Other Information We Receive and Store : When you register to use KHA Online-MSDS, we store "cookies," which are strings of code, on your computer. We also use electronic images known as Web beacons. With those cookies, we are aware of and collect information concerning when you visit our Website, when you use KHA Online-MSDS, your browser type and version, your operating system and platform and other similar information. With Web beacons, we can determine when you open email we send you, and collect other data. You may turn off all cookies that have been placed on your computer by following the instructions on your browser on how to block cookies that have been placed on your computer. However, if you block our cookies it will be more difficult, and maybe impossible, to fully use the Services.
    3. AIM Reports : KHA Online-MSDS can also determine who has clicked on links that we have provided to online content. We may collect and review that information.
    4. Information From Other Sources : We may obtain additional information about you by using your email address, or other information, to directly, or through one or more services, search over the internet, or elsewhere. We thereby obtain information that appears to be related to such email address or other information, such as a name, age and participation in social media websites, (such information being referred to herein as "Supplemental Client Information").
  3. Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information
    We will use and disclose your Personal Information only as follows:
    1. To promote use, including continued use, of our Services. For example, if you leave your personal information when you visit our Website and do not sign up for any of the Services, we may send you one or more emails asking whether you wish to sign up. If you use any of our Services, and may benefit from using one or more other Services we offer, we may send you an email telling you about the other Service or Services.
    2. To bill and collect sums owed to us. Uses for this purpose include sending you emails, invoices, receipts and notices of delinquency, to alert you if we need a different credit card number, and to otherwise try to collect money owed. We use third parties to handle secure credit card transaction processing and send billing information to such third parties, who maintain all information in confidence, to process your orders and credit card payments. To learn more about what steps we take to safeguard such data, see "Safeguarding Your Information" below.
    3. To send you System Alert Messages to let you know about temporary or permanent changes to our Services including planned outages, new features offered, version updates, point releases, major releases, abuse warnings, changes to our Privacy Policy and possibly other documents and agreements.
    4. To provide customer support and obtain feedback.
    5. To protect the rights and safety of us and our employees, Clients, owners, officers and others
    6. To meet legal requirements such as complying with court orders and valid subpoenas.
    7. To provide information received hereunder to representatives and advisors such as attorneys and accountants to help us comply with legal and other requirements.
    8. To prosecute and defend a court, arbitration or similar proceeding.
    9. To support and improve the Services we offer including adding features and providing benchmarking and other comparison information regarding, for example, successful search and record retrieval. Benchmarking and similar information is derived from reporting, aggregating and analyzing data.
    10. To communicate with you concerning your account for an informational, as opposed to promotional, purpose.
    11. To transfer your information in the event of the sale of substantially all of the assets of our business to a third-party or in the event of a merger, consolidation or acquisition. However, in such event, any acquirer will be subject to our obligations under this Privacy Policy.
    12. To send you informational and promotional materials that you elect ("opt-in") to receive.
  4. Safeguarding Your Information
    To protect other sensitive information KHA Online-MSDS observes applicable industry best practices.
    1. To protect Credit Card information, our credit card processing vendor uses the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure transactions. In addition, our vendor is certified as compliant with card association security initiatives, such as the Visa Cardholder Information Security and Compliance (CISP), MasterCard® (SDP), and Discovery Information Security and Compliance (DISC).
    2. To protect passwords KHA Online-MSDS accounts require a username and password to log in to access administrative controls or systems that are restricted from public Internet access. When you're finished using KHA Online-MSDS services, please click the "log out" link in the top right corner of your menu bar to prevent someone from using your computer to access your account. You must keep your username and password secure and not disclose it to a third party. We do not re-send forgotten passwords. Users must follow online instructions to reset their passwords if they forget them. Account passwords are encrypted. We cannot see your passwords. We can only reset them.
  5. Notification of Changes
    Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted to this Website and emailed to the last email address you have given to us, and will become effective as of the later of the date we post on the Website or, send the email. You may object to any changes within 20 days after they are posted on our Website or delivered to you, in which case none of the proposed changes will be effective with respect to information that we have already collected from you; but will apply only to information we collect or access from you in the future. In contrast, in the event we ever changed our Privacy Policy to allow us to have an expanded right to use or disclose Personal Information for marketing purposes, you would be able to opt out.
  6. Accuracy of Information and Rights
    We do our best to keep your information accurate and up-to-date to the extent that you provide us. If your information changes (including, but not limited to, a change in your email address) then you are responsible for notifying us of those changes so that we can keep our records up-to-date. We retain the information about you only so long as reasonably required to meet the purposes for which we have the right to use the information. In this regard, we retain some information, relating to the use of services.
  7. Effective Date
    This Privacy Policy is effective with respect to all data that we have collected, or collect, about and/or from you, both prior to your registration as a Client and/or during the Term, in accordance with the Terms of Use.
  8. Questions
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or wish to update, delete or change any Personal Information submitted on this Site, or have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please notify us through postal mail at:
    KHA Online-MSDS
    Privacy Department
    6920 Hohman Avenue
    Hammond, Indiana 46324
    Or you can e-mail us at info@online-msds.com

Updated 06/12/2012