New Year and New Regulations

OSHA could be knocking on your door this year, as the agency will be conducting more than 3,000 additional inspections to various facilities. Companies today are facing the stress from many levels, but overall it comes down to reducing costs of operations.  The question that this comes down to is how does a company reduce […]

100 Years of ASSE

The American Society of Safety Engineers have debuted a new short film ‘Century of Safety’ that chronicles the story of work safety and work tragedy over the decades. ASSE is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and during the year the organization plans to celebrate with various events including their annual conference which will take […]

Workplace Tragedies, How to Make 2011 a Safer Year

2010 was an unfortunate year for workplace safety.  Who can forget the mine disaster at the beginning of the year that killed 29 coal miners in West Virginia as well as the off shore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico blast that killed 11 workers.  These events captured the attention of the general public […]

Keeping Employers Safe in the Summer Heat

California is leading the way in making revisions to their OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Standards. High heat procedures are now required for 5 industries when the temperatures reach 95 degrees or hotter.  These industries include: agriculture, construction, landscaping, oil & gas extraction, and transportation or delivery of agricultural products, construction material, or other heavy material. […]

Protecting Children While At School

A new standard is being created by the NSF International at the NSSEA that would be the first comprehensive standards to certify health, safety, and environmental aspects of products and equipment used in an educational setting. These new standards would cover everything; from the materials children come into contact with on a daily basis in […]

Work Fatalities Down, Is The Economy To Blame?

Preliminary information for 2009 Work Fatalities show that this year is down 17% compared to 2008. Though these are preliminary numbers, the real factor to look at is how the economy has played a role in the decline of worker fatalities.  Indications show that the rates for 2009 will increase as the final numbers will […]

Health Safety for Workers on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Many people have come together over the past few weeks to assist with the clean up efforts in the Gulf Coast. Those who are participating in the clean up efforts may not realize the potential hazards in the surrounding environment. Currently OSHA is working with personal to provide specialty training and protective gear to those […]

How Your Pet Can Help with the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

The past few days everyone has been paying close attention to the oil spill going on off the coast of Louisiana. There have been crews hard at work trying to find a solution to the problem, as well as crews combing the beaches to protect delicate environment. As you have been watching the various updates, […]

OSHA is moving into Las Vegas

It was just recently announced that Las Vegas will be getting a new tenant in town, OSHA.  Currently there is no regional office in Nevada, only a state and federal officials of OSHA have overseen the area. The city right now is struggling in the weak economy and they have also been criticized on the […]

Trucking is key to keep products moving

A recent study was conducted between the US Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. of Transportation in looking at the best way to transport time sensitive products.  In this study they found that the use of trucks to transport such products is the most effective, versus using such transportation methods as boat or railways which […]