New Year and New Regulations

OSHA could be knocking on your door this year, as the agency will be conducting more than 3,000 additional inspections to various facilities.

Companies today are facing the stress from many levels, but overall it comes down to reducing costs of operations.  The question that this comes down to is how does a company reduce cost yet at the same time manage to keep their employers safe and avoid a visit from OSHA that could surprise them with an additional fine?

One area that often comes up to reduce costs is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Those involved with making choices may say that the one PPE item is to expensive but at the same time provide better safety to the worker.  So do you go with a lower rated PPE item that does not preform as well to save money or invest in the later for the benefit of worker safety?

Here are a few areas to consider when you are looking at various PPE Equipment:

Functionality:  All PPE should help workers perform their jobs and provide adequate levels of protection.

Personal Factors: Make sure PPE items are comfortable for your workers which will help encourage workers to wear these products.

Quality Products: It may cost a little more, but higher quality products may help job performance and job safety.  Such products may also last longer so over the course of time saving the company money, which may be a deciding factor when selecting proper PPE products.