Safe Chemicals Act

Last week on April 15th new legislation was introduced by both houses of Congress that would change the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976.

There is new awareness in Congress that is being recognized; with growing fears from the public and the concern of wanting to know more about the chemicals that are in everyday products that range from the toys our children play with to those chemicals we may come into contact with in our surrounding environment.

Below are a few highlights of The Safe Chemicals Act

  • Priorititze chemicals based on risk, with EPA focuses resources on evaluating chemicals most likely to cause harm.
  • Ensure a safety threshold is met for all chemicals on the market.
  • Place the burden of proof on chemical manufacturers to prove the safety of their chemicals. All uses must be identified and determined safe for the chemical to enter the market or continue to be used.
  • Create open access to reliable chemical information.
  • Promote innovation and development of green chemistry.