Surprise Toxic Products You May Have in Your Home Right Now

Most of these items we have in our home right now.  You may think that the only toxic products you have are your cleaning supplies but after reading this list you may find yourself doing an early spring cleaning of your home.

Top 10 Toxic Products

1. Air fresheners: really air fresheners are filled with a lot of synthetic fragance that do nothing but fill the room and make it smell pretty for a few minutes.  Aerosol air fresheners are worse because each time you are spraying the room you are releasing tiny droplets of chemicals which can be inhaled into your lungs which could cause some reactions.

2. Drain, Oven, and Toilet Bowl Cleaners: The chemicals that make up these chemicals are especially dangerous as they can cause skin and eye irritation when using them.  Remember to read all instructions and to use proper hand and eye protection when using such cleaners as needed.

3. Canned Food: Canned food you buy from the supermarket is lined with an epoxy resin that contains BPA. this chemical name has been in the news lately and there has been research in the media linking this to health risks when exposed.

4. Pesticides: These items are usually stored in your garage and you may feel that they are kept out of harms way.  But you should consider when using these products you could be tracking the residue into your home on your feet, or your pet’s may come into contact with these chemicals while outside.

5. Dry Cleaning: When you enter a dry cleaning shop you can probably smell the cleaning going on of clothes.  Did you know that the chemicals that are used to clean your garments can linger after your bring them home which you can be inhaling?

6. Bottled Water: Not only is all that plastic bad for the environment but the chemicals in the plastic mixed with the water could be bad to drink.

7. Rubber Duckies: There are some toys out there that may be made with a dangerous chemical; PVC.  This chemical is banned in 14 other countries but is still used in manufacturing in the US.  Make sure to check the labeling before playing with such a dangerous toy.

8. Couch Cushions: If the cushions, pillows are labeled as meeting California TB 117 you might want to find a new couch.  This chemical is likely to contain toxic fire retardants which in animal research as lead to all sorts of health issues.

9. Perfume & Cologne: They may smell good but those bottles of liquid can contain 100’s of chemical compounds.  In today’s market buying name brand perfume for a discount may seem like a good deal, but it is not.  That discount perfume could have even more chemicals than the name brand, which thinking about it would you want to spray that on your body?

10. Oil Based Paint and Finishes: There are many chemicals that make up these paints, which may cause harmful effects to you and your family in the long run.  A good option is to look for water based paint to use inside your home when painting.