Employment Trends and Changes

New data has just been posted by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on job patterns in the private sector.  The information in this report has data looking at the comprehensive labor force profiles of race, gender, and ethnicity divided by various job categories.

Here are a few highlights from the report

  • There are approximately 62 million workers nationwide in the private sector.  Of those workers, about 30 million (48%) were women and 21 million (34%) were minorities
  • The rate of minority employment tripled between 1966 and 2008 from 11% to 34%
  • Women’s overall participation rate in the private sector jumped from 31% to 48% between 1966 and 2008

To review the report please go to http://www.data.gov/catalog/raw/category/0/agency/119/filter/2008/type//sort//page/1/count/25