Harmful Chemicals

We know that there are harmful chemicals that we come into contact with on a daily basis.  There have been recent reports regarding the use of chemicals in plastic bottling, especially related to plastic baby bottles. In years past there were also reports released about harmful chemicals in cooking pots and pans related to the non-stick coating chemicals that were used in these kitchen devices.  Have you ever wondered how harmful these chemicals really are on the human body?

A new report was just released from the Government Accountability Office.  In the report it stated that the toxic substances control act may allow the EPA to obtain more useful data than it now gets about the health effects of commercial chemicals. The current bio-monitoring exists for only 212 chemicals. For most of the chemicals studied under current bio-monitoring programs, more data on chemical effects are needed to understand if the levels measured in people pose a health concern, but EPA’s authorities to require chemical companies to develop such data is limited.