Worker Protections in 2010

The Obama Labor Department has released their agenda for the new year.  With this agenda, officials are looking to further look at issues to protect workers on the job, help returning veterans receive employment assistance and job training, and to look at expanding green jobs.  In all there are 22 new regulatory items on the agenda for 2010.

Here are a few of the items on the agenda:

  • Re-establishing a separate ergonomic job injury log column in OSHA reports and having companies report within it.  Ergonomic injuries are estimated to account for up to one-third of all yearly job injuries.
  • 250 new investigators will be hired in The Wage and Hour Division and concentrate on industries with high violation rates that employee vulnerable workers.
  • Forcing more disclosure of union busting by employers.

It will be interesting to see this time next year how well the Department does to address these concerns and what the outcome results in.