NSC: A Million Acts of Safety

A Million Acts of Safety, an initiative designed to save 10,000 lives and prevent 1 million injuries in the next 5 years.

NSC plans to work toward that goal by providing health and safety professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to help protect workers. Froetscher encouraged safety professionals to think of NSC as their advisor, partner and research team, and to make use of NSC resources that include membership, congress sessions, webinars, publications and training resources.

You can take your part in helping increase safety in the workplace, here are a few ideas

  • Talk with your Safety Management Team to know the safety rules of your workplace. Or if you are really passionate about safety, you may be able to work on such a committee in your office to voice your ideas to help out the company.
  • Work Smart. If you see an incident at work that could be a potential to cause an accident be sure to report it to the necessary department or official.
  • Be Safe Yourself.  Take a look around your office area at work, are there actions you can take right now to be safe?  Even outside the workplace, such as while driving to and from work you can decide to not talk or text on your cell phone (be sure to check your states regulations as there are new rules about talking or texting while behind the vehicle).

Taking these small steps to raise awareness of your own personal safety and the safety in your workplace could make a difference.