EPA Landmark Finding – Greenhouse Gases Endanger Public Health

Monday marked what may just become a pivtal day in the history of US environmental regulations.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released their findings that show that greenhouse gases do indeed “endanger public health”

This action today seems to be clearly timed to the opening of the Copenhagen conference.  Which in a separate announcement it was learned that Obama would be going to later, making another foreign trip during what is seen as the most important segment of the conference.

This finding from the EPA is critical because under a US Supreme Court Ruling the EPA is barred from regulating greenhouse gases unless it shows that there is actually a danger to public health.

For an area in US regulations that has been relatively stagnant since the seventies there has been a flurry of activity lately.  From GHS, GHG, cap-and-trade and more.  One of the goals of this blog to help keep EHS professionals abrest of all of the proposed changes.

At this rate it seems like there are most definatly winds of change blowing.