Our Company

Kelleher, Helmrich and Associates, Inc. (KHA) specializes in providing software and services for managing Safety Data Sheets (SDS). We are committed to providing a full range of products and services concerning SDS and Hazardous Materials Management. We have been involved exclusively with the SDS market since 1985 and have hundreds of satisfied customers to our credit. In all those years, we pride ourselves with keeping up with the advances in technology to provide the most complete and easy to use SDS management software available today.

KHA is one of the original providers of SDS software. We have pioneered SDS management software, being one of the first to offer scanning, HAZMAT inventory integration, fax on demand and Internet/Intranet distribution.

KHA is an SDS solutions provider. Our sales directive is to analyze a customer’s needs and provide a solution that best suits the customer. KHA will provide customization and integration of our products with other systems, to suit our customer’s needs. We focus on providing quality products and services for all aspects of SDS administration, from authoring, distribution, vendor SDS management to archiving. Our customer support staff provides immediate personalized customer service, in a time when many companies implement a multi-level support or a call back queuing system.

Our products can be implemented into very small organizations with only a few employees to international corporations. We offer a simple upgrade structure for companies that wish to start small and move to a corporate solution.


Kelleher, Helmrich and Associates (K.H.A.) is an organization that specializes in software & hardware solutions for business. Our range of experience culminates over 35 years of service to a variety of manufacturers, distributors, organizations, health care and other industries. Our experience ranges from entry level accounting to corporate wide projects; from stand alone PC applications to large corporate networks. K.H.A.s range of services includes:

  • Sales and marketing of a variety of our own and third party software.
  • Safety Data Sheet management software and services (Online-SDS™)
  • IBM Authorized Business Partner
  • Developers of software packages using leading edge technology including imaging, OCR, EDI, fax and bar coding.
  • Project Management Services including ISO 9000 consulting.
  • Consultants for computerized solutions for management, specializing in CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems).
  • Distributors of computer hardware and peripherals
  • Consulting for software selection, integration and replacement.
  • Specialists in open systems UNIX, DOS and P.C. networks.
  • Original founders of Safety Net with both Municipalities and industry working in concert.

The Early Years
Kelleher and Associates, the predecessor to KHA, was originally founded in 1985 by Terry Kelleher with basic emphasis on computer hardware and peripheral sales of new and used equipment. Mr. Kelleher has been involved in the development of a computerized training system that is used in major airlines, manufacturing companies, universities and government. This was the first application of computerized audio used for training purposes.

In 1989 Kelleher and Associates expanded into the marketing of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.

In 1991, Dave Helmrich joined Kelleher and Associates, forming Kelleher, Helmrich and Associates. Dave Helmrich brought with him the knowledge and experience of software development, project management and business consulting. Mr. Helmrich designed software products for a variety of business applications. This includes software systems for a nationally known Computerized Maintenance Management System. His most recent projects were the development of an on line corporate requisitioning/purchasing system and a Safety Data Sheet retrieval system.

Online-SDS™ is Born
Kelleher, Helmrich and Associates developed Online-SDS™, a software package developed for safety departments’ management of their SDSs. This product is not industry specific and has been installed in chemical, manufacturing, health care, universities and municipalities. Software development has grown to include imaging, regulatory reporting, ingredient specific inventory, chemical tracking, automated distribution of outgoing SDSs and fax on demand. Kelleher, Helmrich and Associates also provides data entry and scanning services for many of their customers during the setup phase and an ongoing service for SDS management and fax on demand. The company has put together a marketing and sales organization specifically addressing this product.

Kelleher, Helmrich and Associates are currently increasing their market exposure through strategic business relationships with software developers and hardware manufacturers (i.e. IBM Business Partner).

Shift to Application Service Delivery
As the Internet grew in popularity during the late nineties KHA has continued to update the Online-SDS™ brand software.  In 2004 KHA began offering a hosted solution to customers where instead of having to install the SDS management software on the servers of the customer the customer could instead access it over the World Wide Web.

SDS Solution of the Future
The combination of Terry Kelleher and David Helmrich with their long time business associates and independent contractors, provide a complete resource network to meet the needs of both government and industry.