KHA Environmental

Enviro Steve

No More Spreadsheets

Eliminate 50% of the clerical functions performed by your environmental professionals.

Typically, environmental engineers have designed complicated spreadsheets, one for each environmental aspect. KHA Environmental replaces all these spreadsheets with a single database.


KHA Environmental can be used to serve multiple sites. Each site can enter environmental data as it happens and immediately request reports.

Process Formula Based

Your Environmental Engineers design and maintain Process formulas describing the various environmental aspects, and non-environmental personnel enter the data and request reports.

Consolidated Reports

Detail and summary reports consolidate data from all aspects. For example, a monthly VOC report would contain VOCs from paint booth operations, fuel consumption, flaring, etc. It eliminates the need to manually consolidate data from several reports to include into a final report.

Regulatory Data for each Chemical

Each of these chemicals contains CAS #s, synonyms and the regulatory data specific to each (TPQ, Reportable Quantities, RCRA, TLV, Sara313, and much mnore). We compile this data from the various government agencies and provide it to you on a regular basis. This data serves as the basis for tagging MSDSs for its reportability.

Units of Measure Conversions

Design your formulas to allow and end-user (i.e. shop foreman) to enter data without having to convert gallons to lbs. etc. Data can be entered in any unit and converted to reporting units. Gallons, totes, drums, Liters, even pieces(i.d. 1000 pieces manufactured could be converted to x lbs of material used).

Additional Modules

Requires Online-SDS™ brand management software (see other data sheets for info & price). Also, other KHA modules available to work with KHA Environmental are: HazMat Inventory, Label printing and Bar Code inventory collection (Call for information).